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It has a beautiful aroma around, just open it and put the sticks attached to the set inside.

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Mojito Reed Diffuser is a cocktail of freshness and exotic aroma

Mojito is a popular Cuban drink based on rum, spiced with cane sugar, mint and lime. Do you like the refreshing scent of this drink, associated with holidays and fun? Reach for a decorative Mojito Reed Diffuser  , and you will feel like in a fashionable club in the middle of a hot summer.

The freshener has the form of a flask filled with green liquid. To spread a beautiful aroma around, just open it and put the sticks attached to the set inside. The sticks will first absorb the fragrance and then they will start to release it into the room. Soon you will feel the refreshing notes of lime, mint, white rum. Mojito Reed Diffuser  is a discreet and maintenance-free way to reduce bad smell and a sense of freshness. It does not require electricity or manual use of the sprayer, it does not emit any sounds.

Thanks to the subtle design, the air freshener can stand in a well visible place, eg on a dresser, in a bookcase or on a desk. Juicy lime-mint scent will be a nice addition also in the restaurant, florist, hairdresser, hotel. Due to the perceptible inspiration of the Cuban drink, the refresher fits perfectly with pubs and Latin clubs.

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