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It eliminates bad smell, stimulates the senses



Pina Colada Reed Diffuser eliminates bad smell, stimulates the senses

Pina Colada is a pleasant drink preferred by women, in which the power of white rum soothes the sweet taste of pineapple juice and coconut cream. Its exotic fragrance will remind you a holiday under palm trees or a dance night at your favorite club. However, you do not need to search for a blender or buy ingredients – just a Caribbean inspired air freshener Pina Colada .

Fried fish, detergents used during cleaning, unpleasant odor from a vacuum cleaner – more or less odors are emitted every day in every home. Replace them with an intriguing combination of pineapple, coconut and … rum! Place the bottle in a room exposed to unpleasant odors, open it and place in the middle of the stick. After soaking with liquid, an exotic air freshener Pina Colada will give off a velvety aroma of fruit.

The refresher, full of sweet scent notes, blends well with the cozy interiors of cafes and confectioneries, although the association with the Caribbean drink will also appeal to pub customers. The fragrance of Pina Colada will also provide an outstanding touch to the home New Year’s party. The liquid air freshener is decorative, therefore it can be a discreet decoration of the surroundings.

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